Yawl 4 Film

YAWL4Film is a suite of tools and know-hows specifically designed for the film industry. This suite of tools is built around the state-of-the-art workflow notation and system: Yet Another Workflow Language (YAWL).

YAWL4Film is part of a collaborative project between the QUT’s Business Process Management (BPM) Group, the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and QUT’s Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (CCi). The goal of YAWL4Film is to provide a complete suite of tools that supports people throughout every phase of film production. The first YAWL4Film tool supports the call sheet generation process.

YAWL4Film Call Sheet has been created to help the production office with their duties by automating the callsheet creation. This is done by the Application Server automatically gathering information from four modules – Cast Manager, Crew Manager, Location Manager and Scheduler – and generating the call sheet for that day. Once the call sheet has been generated by YAWL4Film, the Production Office can make any required modifications to the call sheet before distributing it to the cast and crew.The current practice in the film industry is for the Production Coordinator to spend hours every day manually gathering information from multiple sources to create the call sheet. This is a very time consuming process that can be prone to errors.

Instructional Videos

The instructional videos demonstrate the different modules currently provided by YAWL4Film. Currently there are 5 modules – YAWL4Film Cast Manager, YAWL4Film Crew Manager, YAWL4Film Location Manager, YAWL4Film Scheduler, and YAWL4Film Call Sheet.


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